-Less is more
-God is in the details
A brand of swimwear that has never been seen before, with a focus on simplicity and attention to detail, and can be worn by a wide range of age groups.
With four basic colors, we plan to continue to develop brand original colors that are not available anywhere else in Japan.
Not only is it simple, but it has been carefully calculated so that you can naturally improve your style just by wearing it.
It is made.
Everyone who wears it can enjoy their body without worrying about other people's eyes.
I love you and I hope you have a great time.

This isn't simplicity for simplicity's sake. This is self-love, natural beauty, and carefree style expressed through design with intention. This is fashion for the times that matter, spent with the people who matter most.

SISANDI's color names are inspired by Australia's vast nature and openness.
Something that will make your heart dance and stir up your sense of adventure.
Choose the color name that is perfect for you
For tips on choosing.

SISANDI's color line takes inspiration from Australia's stunning, expansive landscape. Find the color name that makes your heart dance with the spirit of adventure and you've found the color made for you.

SISANDI, a brand started by the Sisandi sisters,
It consists of SIS (older sister/younger sister) AND (and) I (I).
We are also sisters and best friends.
Fashion is one of the reasons the sisters have become closer, as they always share clothes and accessories.
SISANDI is also among sisters and friends,
I want it to be a tool that helps us become even better friends.
I want to bring this with me here! and
Experiences and memories that go beyond fashion
We hope to deliver it to you.